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A commercial business is heavily dependent on how you utilize your resources, especially the commercial units. A well-designed commercial building or retail warehouse can bring in a lot of success on various fronts, such as seamless transportation of goods, timely delivery, effortless supply chain management, and much more.

These commercial unit designs focus on electrical, civil, mechanical, and structural engineering elements, which is combined with the architectural plans to get an adequately created Draft of the design unit.

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However, some strict rules and regulations are in place for the design permits for commercial units. We can help you get the commercial retail design permits that comply with the laws given by the local governing bodies. Our team has the required know-how of the statutes of Brampton, Kitchener, Hamilton, Toronto, Oshawa, Newmarket, Innisfil, Niagara Falls, Waterloo, and other neighborhoods surrounding areas.

The plans that you submit cover retail floorplans such as Grid, Loop, Free-flow, and mixed layouts. These layouts are designed by having extensive research on customer behaviors. 

Get in touch with our team now to understand how we can help you get the required permits for your commercial retail design.

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    Yes, we do provide design and consultation for the strip plazas and the land severance for several different projects.

    If the plaza is straightforward with less than 20 stores. Permits can be issued in 3-4months depending on the municipalities, each and every municipality in Ontario has its own processing times.

    Yes, we do help our clients in the zoning change of the land and also in the subdivision development.