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Mechanical HVAC Design + Heat Load Calculations Services


Mechanical HVAC Design - RnH designs

To avoid overheating equipment or to limit employee comfort, a business unit must ensure that the heating and ventilation systems are functioning.

The tricky part is integrating these mechanical designs in your business unit to ensure that the systems are used to their full potential—failing to do so results in increased energy expenditures and occupant discomfort.

We have a professional team of engineers and architects who include the requirements of commercial unit HVAC systems into the designs while taking into account numerous external aspects such as climate, building structure, cladding, and the construction unit’s occupancy capacity.

mechanical hvac load design - RnH Design

The ductwork’s bespoke design helps in the efficient running of the heating system. All of these functions are taken into account when designing. Learn more about how we can assist you in planning your heating systems to ensure that the heat load calculations go off without a hitch.

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    Heating/Cooling loss calculations and duct size calculations. 

    Yes, in most cases you do. Since the new duct needs to be installed. Hence permit becomes a necessity. However it also depends on the municipality. 

    Typically 7-8 business days.