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We help homeowners obtain a permit for their deck design. Be it a deck on the second floor or ground floor.

Starting at $950


A Deck is one of the most stunning upgrades that you can possibly make to your house. After all, you would want to enjoy outside the house just as much as you do within. You would be surprised to see the magnitude of a difference a deck can make to your home. So whether it’s a BBQ party or just you sitting outdoors and relaxing all by yourself, you would want it to be in the most exquisite looking environment. 

We can provide you with such deck designing services to help you add value to your house. Why pick us? Deck designs may be a make-or-break scenario for your property. When done appropriately, it may enhance the whole experience; but, if not done by specialists like us, it can result in lengthy maintenance expenses and unpleasant aesthetics that can harm the overall appeal of your house exteriors.

Also, deck designs need permits to guarantee that it is created, bearing in mind the restrictions imposed by the local governing body. At times it may also need extra information on the whole property.

Before putting up the deck’s plan, it’s vital to have clarity on your preferred amenities, such as a Built-in kitchen area, roofing, outdoor heaters, music system, etc. Also, verify with the municipality to guarantee the deck design work can be carried out smoothly.

Deck designs - RnH Design
Deck designs plan - RnH Designs

Still unsure whether you should acquire the deck?

Here are some crucial factors which will assist you in finalizing and contacting us to have the deck designs done:

  1. It boosts the total property value.
    A deck may raise the total market value of your house considerably because of the advantages that it delivers. A deck functions as a terrific selling point if you ever want to put your property for sale.
  1. Enriches the experience
    The parties and the hangouts with your visitors or family will have an aura of the fantastic ambiance when your deck design is on point.
  1. Is aesthetically pleasing
    A great deck design can match the overall structural outside of your house. It also provides you the opportunity to personalize and add items according to your tastes to make it a functioning outside space.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to explore how our years of expertise in deck designing can bring out the best from your property.

Why do you need this service?


Permit is required in order to build a deck in the backyard. We help homeowners obtain deck permits by checking the property rear yard setbacks and determining the local by-laws of the municipality.

Experienced Design Professionals serving the Greater Toronto Area and Ontario with Residential and Commercial Permits.

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Our Process

Call or Email

Call us to discuss about your design project at 226-747-7966, [email protected]

Schedule a Site Visit

Once confirmed. Schedule a site visit by one of our team members at your property to measure as per the code.

Design & Drafting

We start your design process and drafting of the drawings as per Ontario Building Code.

Iterations with homeowner

We present our design to the homeowner for approval before submitting to the municipality.

Application Submission

We submit the selected final design to the municipality on the behalf of the owner by filling the permit application.

Final Permit Approval

We help you to get a permit from the municipality for your project so that the project can begin as per the code requirements.


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Yes, Certainly. You do need a permit to build a deck in the backyard.

It depends on the type of deck. There is a different design pricing for a deck which is on the ground level vs. the one supporting the second floor.

Yes, if it complies with the rear yard setbacks of your pertaining zoning.

It is safe to do so. Additionally it is mandatory to obtain a permit for the construction of the deck.

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