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We all have heard of this phrase that a home is as good as its foundation. So it’s crucial to ensure that the foundation of your house is as robust as possible.

Under Pinning is a procedure of fixing, reinforcing, or expanding the depth of your house foundation to guarantee the durability of your property. The structural configuration plays a vital part in the whole process of underpinning.

Underpinning is critical because nowadays, as homes are being built quite next to each other, there is much uprooting of trees, which has led to the loosening of the soil, which can disrupt and affect the foundation of the homes. 

Essentially, underpinning is done when one has to fix the wrongly created structures or the damage caused by the repairs, adding additional facilities such as various levels or enhancing the house’s overall value. In addition to all these, underpinning is also carried out to minimize future damage to the property.


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Our underpinning work is done to cover all the requisites mentioned above and much more. It also needs relevant permits to make any adjustments to the foundation of the house. We evaluate the property’s age, structure, residual works, expectations, and much more to succeed with the underpinning project.

Please get in touch with us for all sorts of underpinning services to know more about how we can assist you.

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    In very general and local language. People consider underpinning their basement when they would need additional headroom in the basement by digging it.

    Yes, you do need a permit.

    Typically we prepare drawings within 8-10 business days.