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Septic Tank Design Services


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Septic Tank is something we are aware of (and usually steer away from). It is a water-tight tank that accepts human waste discharged from the homes. Every household requires a septic tank where there is no municipal sewage system to guarantee the cleanliness of the house is not compromised.

While a single chamber is suited for compact dwellings, a double or triple chamber tank is chosen for bigger homes. The purpose of a multi-chamber septic tank is to act as a treatment chamber and final chamber.

A well-designed septic tank may aid in the proper breakdown of the waste and enhance the overall shelf life of the tank.

The primary components that we concentrate on while constructing a septic tank design are:

  • The working chamber is the core compartment of the septic tank.
  • The input pipe is the channel via which the waste is collected.
  • The baffle wall functions as a barrier for the waste to avoid any obstruction within the septic tank.
  • The output pipe aids in emptying the waste effectively.
  • The roofing slab is the cover for the tank
  • Lastly, the ventilation vent that avoids any unpleasant odors in the surrounding areas of the tank.
septic tank designs services - RnH Designs
septic tank designs - RnH Designs

We also evaluate the number of family members and the detention period to guarantee the recommended design meets your demand. Never forget that a well-designed septic tank may prevent any unpleasant situations and also minimize pollution. To know more about the different plans and the essential permits linked to septic tank installation, reach out to our specialists immediately!

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    Septic tank is needed when there is no city sewage system near your house. It is typically required for the country side houses, the houses which are on farms. 

    Yes, the person has to be a BCIN certified designer with the knowledge of code requirements and the installer also needs to be licensed in order to install the septic tank. 

    Yes, we do represent our clients in front of Toronto Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) while preparing necessary drawings, geotechnical reports and applications etc. 

    It depends if there is no conservation authority on the property and the desired location is away from the conservation boundary. Septic tank design permits can be issued in 3-4 weeks depending on the municipality.