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Custom House Designs & Drawings, Permit Drawings, City Approvals

We help homeowners design their dream homes by obtaining a custom house design permit from the local municipality.

Starting at $15000


The maximum time where you & your family may spend your life is at home. So why not have it created precisely the way you want it to be?

More and more individuals seek custom house designs that offer them the flexibility to be creative and stand out from the others in their community. Here is what selecting bespoke house designs from us might provide you.

1. Complete authority in designs

Custom house design’s most significant advantage is that you can desire to have it precisely the way you want it. Want a bedroom in a specific way? Want the kitchen the other way? Want to incorporate any utility? Want any particular design? The choices are unlimited when you want to design your house. This characteristic of flexibility is why most people are opting towards customized homes rather than pre-built ones.

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2. Home as unique as you

Your house reveals your personality more than you believe. E.g., If you visit any stranger’s house, you quickly assume the sort of person they are. More often than not, you strike a bullseye with your estimates. When you grasp how important your home might be, you will guarantee your house design talks about your individuality.

3. Increase your resale value

While one is hunting for a house, they seek distinctive traits in them. For which occasionally, they are ready to pay a premium for the purchase. So all your efforts and money in developing a bespoke house design will never go to waste as it enhances your total asset worthwhile while improving your home lifestyle.

Our team of professionals can help you construct your ideal home precisely the way you want it to be. All your needs, obstacles, and legislation rules are taken into account when creating your house design. Reach out to us today to know more about custom house design.

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Why do you need this service?


Designing a custom house can become a daunting task if you are not working with an experienced designer and consultant. We have designed many custom houses with size ranges from 2000 sq.ft. to 8000 sq.ft. We help homeowners deal with conservation authorities as well in order to get approvals.

Experienced Design Professionals serving the Greater Toronto Area and Ontario with Residential and Commercial Permits.

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Our Process

Call or Email

Call us to discuss about your design project at 226-747-7966, [email protected]

Schedule a Site Visit

Once confirmed. Schedule a site visit by one of our team members at your property to measure as per the code.

Design & Drafting

We start your design process and drafting of the drawings as per Ontario Building Code.

Iterations with homeowner

We present our design to the homeowner for approval before submitting to the municipality.

Application Submission

We submit the selected final design to the municipality on the behalf of the owner by filling the permit application.

Final Permit Approval

We help you to get a permit from the municipality for your project so that the project can begin as per the code requirements.



The most basic drawings which you would need to submit are: Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Property Survey, Grading Plan, Site Servicing Plan, Roof Truss drawings, septic tank design if applicable.

If there is no conservation authority, green belt, site plan approval required for your property. Process will be straightforward and relatively easy.

Step 1: Obtain property, topography survey, Grading Plan, Site servicing plan.

Step 2: Prepare architectural, structural, roof truss, mechanical drawings.

Step 3: Make a submission to the municipality.

You should keep following things in mind when buying a land for your custom house design. a). There should not be any conservation authority on the property. b). There should not be any previous liens, greenbelt or the property should not be falling under mature neighbourhood. c). Preferably buy a land with an existing house on it. d). Obtain necessary information of drawings, property surveys etc. from the applicable municipality before making your decision.

Designing your own house gives you the flexibility and freedom to pick and choose the design and customize according to your specifications. You can literally control the cost of your project by picking the design choices and materials to be used which can be specified in the drawings.

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